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Favorite ThisMochipet Releases Single From Rawr Means I Love You!

Published: April 12, 2011

Mochipet, in all his bass-gloriousness has pumped another glitchy, low-end masterpiece for all his little pets.  "Whomp-a-saurus Sex," the newest single from his forthcoming album Rawr Means I Love You, will have his reptilian fan base up off of their favorite sunbathing rocks and onto their birdlike talons.  Because dinosaurs are cold-blooded, remember?  And Dr. Grant reminded us to be scared of turkeys!  Sheesh.  The track has hit #1 on Addictech, and Rawr will be out May 3rd on Daly City Records.  As soon as this little gem his 5069 plays on SoundCloud, Mr. Wang will release it to the populace.  But not before then, so check it out and pass it on!

Mochipet - Whomp-a-saurus Sex