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Favorite ThisMitiS - Shock Top (Original Mix) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: June 14, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Here we are,, on the verge of collecting 400,000 Likes on Facebook, and it's so fitting we've been gifted an absolute treat from one of our favorite producers--so we'll pass it right on to you. MitiS, who in all likelihood will hit 60K fans, himself, by the time you read this, gives us an opportunity to discuss parenting. Why not?

As young as Joe Torre is, he's been a performing and composing classically trained pianist for a long, long time. How else do you account for the blazing counterpoints and polyrhythms you find dashing along within "Shock Top?" Theory is in his bones, and it comes out in these astounding math problems we glibly refer to as "sick track, bro." The depth and precision of these astounding works of art are as delicately assembled as Fabergé eggs. And if you don't get the reference, just stream Octopussy on your iPad there, junior.

But here's our advice, to all those prospective parents out there: if you dream of cultivating a brilliant, undeniable force of nature--get your kids ticklin' them ivories the second they're out the womb, because maybe--just maybe--you'll bring up the next MitiS. But for our money, the one we've got is pretty damn good. Grab his latest EP, Open Window, June 18th on INTO THE AM. Go ahead and click that Pre-Order button.