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Favorite ThisMitiS - Living Color

Published: February 2, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

With all the producers racing to make a drum and bass track this year, we weren't surprised to hear one from Joe Torre. That's because he's been doing it all along.

With "Living Color," slated for a release this month, MitiS brings his penchant for melody to the world of D&B. Taking his synth sensibilities to the max on top of a liquid smooth drumline, the real icing on the cake are the sweet, if not mysterious, vocals that caress this fearless production with a delicate touch.

Torre will be hitting Serenity Gathering in southern California next month, along with some of our favorite artists. We hope this is the first trickle in a flood of new material from the master of the keyboards.

Tags: Drum and Bass