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Favorite ThisMitiS - Born

Published: September 20, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Some music is composed with the intention to open your eyes to the world around you, while others are meant to release your body and soul from their earthly constraints. The hauntingly uplifting songs MitiS (Joe Torre) produces seem to always fall into the latter, regardless of the genre in which he’s currently dabbling.

On “Born,” we witness Torre meticulously craft a blissful and entrancing set of instrumentations that will leave listeners speechless. Contrasting piano chords and synth tones gently battle it out for supremacy throughout the song, yet ultimately combine to create a thrill ride of non-stop emotion throughout—we can almost guarantee your eyes will be closed by the time this bad boy fully kicks in. The track continues by unveiling a passionate combination of dazzling snare hits and peaceful synth lines, which have become a staple of MitiS’s endearing brand of “Lovestep.” You will fall in love with “Born” at first sight, well upon first listen, and never turn back from there.

MitiS continues to prove he has an endless supply of tricks up his sleeve, as game changing, genre-crossing cuts keep pouring onto his Soundcloud. Catch him on INTO THE AM’s US tour this fall, along with other incredibly talented young guns like Candyland and Singularity.