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Favorite ThisMitiS & MaHi - Tribute [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: December 13, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Loss is incredibly difficult to put into words. So maybe the best way to do it is with music. Great pals and supporters of The Untz, Joe Torre (MitiS) and Aaron Cole (MaHi) recently lost their friend. And so, it follows, two talented musicians would pour their hearts into a piece of music that solemnifies their heartbreak, but also celebrates the passing of an incredibly near and dear life. "Tribute" is just that. A crisp, airy melody flows across entrancing backbeats. Torre and COle have already proven themselves masters of emotion. The sorrow and mourning is there, but also the joyous reflection upon a beautiful friendship full of laughs, good times, and great memories. Hopefully those also suffering loss can use this touching ode to soldier on.