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Favorite ThisMinnesota releases Shotgun Radio - A Bad Place feat. Mimi Page Remix

Published: October 4, 2011

Minnesota is back in a big way. Following the release of his critically-acclaimed Ancient Machines, Christian Bauhofer has taken the time to remix Shotgun Radio's "A Bad Place" featuring the silky smooth vocals of Mimi Page. Already a favorite of the Simplify set, Minnesota gives Page's vocals room to breathe (a lot of room, the track is nearly 9 minutes long). Big, swelling builds and breaks deal in waves of tension and release. Glittering synths wash over the track, which solidifies Bauhofer's place as the D'Angelo of EDM. The soulful nature of his mixes and remixes belies his ability to generate crushing drops, but his strengths certainly lie in these pulsing currents of emotion that lay waste to the brostep of yesteryear. Coming soon from Simplify, this track is sure to raise the profile of not just Minnesota, but Mimi Page AND Shotgun Radio. Which is certainly not a bad place, nor a bad thing. 

Tags: Dubstep