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Favorite ThisMinnesota: Astral Projection Mix

Published: April 9, 2012
By: Jordan CalvanoIf your ears have yet to hear the sweet and incredibly fine-tuned sounds of Christian Bauhofer, aka Minnesota, then they must be attached to your head, which was delicately placed under a rock.
The Santa Cruz-based producer has made a name for himself these last few years by bursting out a slew of energetic and rhythmic cuts that were meant to get people going. He has a knack for piecing together momentous soundscapes with highflying bass tones that combine to create memorable cuts. When Bauhofer first started busting out his limitless sounds on the world he was enrolled in UC Santa Cruz, but eventually decided it was time to pursue and focus more on music. The decision paid off in a big way, because every since he has been churning out buttery ruckus and rocking venues across the States. The red headed boy wonder has put out massive cuts on Simplify Recordings and MalLabel, while also releasing a laundry list of essential remixes from artists like Ellie Goulding, Kaskade, Sander Van Doorn, and NiT GriT.
On his latest burst of musical madness, Bauhofer presents his fans with the 25-minute free Astral Projection mix to show them what he has been doing in the studio as of late.
Opening up the mesmerizing and monstrous mix is the unreleased track “Relax.” The appropriately titled song features eerie self-help samples and an atmospheric synth line that guides the listeners mind through a world of powerful music and positive energy.
Two remixes find their way onto the dynamic mix, in the form of switch ups from well-know artists Modeseleketor and Notorious B.I.G. “Gimme The Loot,” packs a bubbly and dubby punch that is the perfect background noise for the confident words of Biggie which continue over the next track “Purple Daze,” while “Let Your Love Grow” adds groovy and charismatic synths to the already bouncy reggae cut. 
Three more forthcoming releases riddle their way throughout this potent mix, and truly show how far Bauhofer has come as a producer in a few short years. “To the Floor,” is a massive crowd-pleasing slump that possesses out of this world string sections and head banging vocal samples, while “Stay Strong” is a psychedelic and immersive serving of intelligently crafted bass music. “Astral Projection” is a musical massage to the head that will leave any listener entranced till the song ends, and than instantly have them begging for more Minnesota. 
The Astral Projection mix is a great success. Each song will leave any fan of Minnesota jumping up and down while counting down the days till these bass filled treats are released.

Tags: Dubstep