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Favorite ThisMinnesota: Altered States EP Review

Published: December 10, 2012
By: Molly Gale

With his latest EP, Altered States, Christian Bauhofer a.k.a. Minnesota shows the world his true range of production skills, and more importantly, a little finesse.  Bauhofer has the knack to blur the borders of genres and refine a sound that will appeal across the board—from EDM lovers to hip-hop junkies.  He packs the same punch that his audiences have grown to love, but in keeping with tradition, his studio work is far less abrasive than his out-of-control live performances.

“To The Floor” is a solid, steady start to the album.  Bauhofer opens with that familiar blend of hip-hop samples and melodic synth patterns.  He eases into his signature droney bass style—showing his fans that he’s still rocking the swag he’s always had.

Up next is the killer “Yoga Pants,” an easy, percussive jam that delivers the grimy heavyweight drop that Minnesota fans are waiting for.  Cheeky hip-hop samples keep this deep groove easy and playful.  This track is as sexy as its namesake. 

“Tokyo” is a spacey track with soaring synths and meticulously crafted samples creating an upbeat (but mysterious) feel.  Next, Zion I lend their smooth vocal style to “Float,” giving the track a ton of personality.  The chorus is so damn catchy…it’s still stuck in my head.

Bauhofer rounds out the album with “Indian Summer” featuring G. Jones.  This track has a balanced, well-paced build into a chilled-out groove.   We love the delicate synth melody sliding around on top of this feel-good finale to a well-crafted EP.

This EP flows together so well and truly displays the growth and refinement of Minnesota’s skill as a producer. 

Great news:  this album is available for free at, so there is no excuse to miss this impressive EP.

Tags: Dubstep