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Favorite ThisMindex releases new Opal Senses EP on Time Resonance Music

Published: January 30, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend

Boasting releases on Merkaba Music and Gravitas Recordings, it's pretty safe to say that any new Mindex material is worth getting excited about.

Slava Mindex has been working to create a unique brand of dark, cavernous tunes for the better part of three years now. After successful releases on the aforementioned labels, fans and new listeners alike should be prepared for the brand new Opal Senses EP forthcoming on his self-made label Time Resonance Music.

MindexBased out of Moscow, and channeling those influences, Mindex develops a club-viable sound, dripping with organic textures and industrial echoes. The Opal Senses EP is the latest installment along the path of introducing these new flavors to the world of dance music.

Featuring three tracks evoking signature Mindex flavors, you can be sure to uncover more than a few surprises as you chart your way through each tune. Pushing house tempos with twisting synths and bubbling pads for a darker, warehouse techno vibe only begins to scratch the surface of what kind of real talent hides behind this producer's mind.

Out now, The Opal Senses EP is available to purchase through the Time Resonance Bandcamp page and ready for streaming on the Mindex Soundcloud page. Let us know what you think and keep an eye out for more new music on the daily here at The Untz.

Get Opal Senses from Time Resonance Music

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