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Published: June 30, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

MindexWe're always looking for the top new producers from outside America, and one psychedelic explorer has been on our watch-list for quite a while. Over the years, Mindex from Russia has released some of the darkest, deepest dubstep we've heard, meanwhile mixing in great breaks and midtempo glitch that really gets us going. Just this month, he released his latest album, ReFocused, on Kalya Scintilla's Merkaba Music label.

In order to give fans a sense of the new record, Mindex has crafted an exclusive 30-minute mix that not only gives the listener a taste of Refocused, but also delves deeply into some of his past recordings (some of which came out on another one of our favorite labels, Gravitas).

This audio tour de force through the Mindex back catalog runs the tempo gamut, as it does the range of emotion and depth. Some of these tunes are straight up party bangers, while others are more contemplative and seek to take the audience a bit deeper. What's always present is Mindex's dedication to the craft of production otherworldly sounds and taking his fans on an outer space journey into new realms.

Co:Creation Texas

Slava Mindex has been making his way through the United States during the album's release cycle. This weekend, he will be headlining a fascinating new event from the minds behind Create Culture in Austin, TX. The crew is heading about 45 minutes outside the city to Dripping Springs, TX, where the Rec Plant will be transformed into a whole new planet from July 1-4 with psy wizards of all stripes sharing their sonic wares day and night. Joining Desert Dwellers, Frameworks, Symbolico, Somatoast, and so many more, this "psychedelic dance movement" catches hold in Texas at Co:Creation.

1. Mindex - 1001 Nights
2. Mindex - Wolfram
3. Mindex - Mount Warning
4. Vena Portae - Sunrise in the Mountains (Mindex Remix)
5. Mindex - ReFocused
6. Mindex - Neural Buzz
7. Mindex - Serpent Tale
8. Mindex - Cortex Wortex
9. Mindex - Alien Shaman
10. Mindex - Hot Goan Sun
11. Mindex - Prism Splitter
12. Mindex - Monsta Funk

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