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Favorite ThisMillionyoung covers The Spinners classic 'I'll Be Around'

Published: July 8, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

MillionyoungWhen it comes to Motown classics, The Spinners and their early 70's smash "I'll Be Around" is way up there, which is why it's so great to hear a brand new generation of artists taking these tunes to the next level.

Miami's Millionyoung today pushes out his first material since... well, Materia back in 2013, with a cover of the monster hit. Chillwave pioneer Mike Diaz soaks the song in reverb, spacing out these glittering synths with poignant, purposeful percussion. The absolute joy of the original is preserved, while that nostalgic feeling drips down over the listener. It's a blast from the past taken tastefully and dropped right into the now.

Catch Millionyoung at DreamGaze in Los Angeles, CA in a month on August 8. Expect new material and more US dates on the horizon.

Tags: DowntempoElectronicaHouse