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Favorite ThisMilano kicks off Lost Dogz 'Chow Mix' series

Published: July 13, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Lost DogzNo collective has broken out in 2018 quite like Lost Dogz. The canine crew has amassed a wide following in the underground bass scene thanks to adventurous productions and a mob mentality of inter-squad support.

In an effort to reach that next level, the cult is starting the Chow Mix series, and Pepperidge Boy Milano kicks this project off with a bang—err... bark. From the opening haunting whispers of crew member Chrome Republic to the closing strains of Milano's “K9 Unit” edit, Bryce James packs a half hour full of cutting-edge bass up to the brim. Standouts include his opening “.ZIP,” his edit of an EAZYBAKED ID, and his unreleased collab with Peekaboo (which fans heard at The Untz Festival, and you can catch below).

That set with Untitld and CAMBOT will go down in our festival's history, new crew members like Vusive are being added all the time, and this collective is constantly releasing new tunes, so make sure you get on board quick before you're accused of being a trendhopper down the road.

Tags: DubstepTrap