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Favorite ThisMikeRat skitters across our feed with 'Lights Out!'

Published: August 16, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

MikeRat - Scamper Vol 2Last year, our friendly neighborhood bass dealers, Wormhole Music Group, linked us up with MikeRat. The glitchy rodentophile was in the process of releasing his EP, Scamper Vol 1. Now Michael Pendergast is on the verge of releasing his latest EP with another label with whom the Wormhole boys also hooked us up.

The Great Magnet, based out of Minneapolis, is an underground bass label who also has its eyes and ears on the glitchier creations. On August 29th, the label opens the sewers and lets Scamper Vol 2 into the wild.

MikeRat premieres “Lights Out!” from the EP today. Like his previous works, it's got some fuzzy synth leads, but this particular tune has a shuffling, halftime/hip-hop thing going here, and we're digging it. This is good old fashioned fun bass music that doesn't take itself too seriously.

While The Great Magnet releases are rare, we're hoping the midwest label picks up its frequency, because it's serving an underserved sound in bass.

Tags: Glitch