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Favorite ThisMidik debuts gripping halftime composition 'Storm the Gates'

Published: October 3, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Midik - Merked EPOur fascination with halftime continues to be abetted by our friend at Samsara Beats, dealers of high quality drum and bass and liquid, as well.

The latest EP to cross our plate comes from Midik, who previously released on the label's Oscillation compilation, and most recently as half of Clyde Avery.

Our selected premiere today is the razor sharp “Storm The Gates.” This is not your wonky, wooky brand of halftime. This is perfectionist percussion and airtight samples with no space or spaciness. It shines like chrome with its whip smart changes and tempo variations. Rocketing back and forth between half and full time, the listener is sucked right into the vortex of this time.

This four-track EP is out on October 13 with a remix from John E. Wink.

Samsara Beats Bandcamp

Tags: Drum and Bass