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Favorite ThisMichal Menert launches SUPER BEST RECORDS April 12 in Detroit

Published: March 17, 2014
By: Anand Harsh
It's finally coming! Michal Menert has been talking about putting his fantastic Elements EP out on vinyl, and the time is nigh. The PLM recording artist is teaming up with Motor City Art Machine to re-release the album, with some bonus tracks, on the brand new SUPER BEST RECORDS label.

On April 12th, Menert invades Motown with Artifakts, Late Night Radio, and to celebrate the vinyl release in style at The Shelter (431 E Congress, Detroit, MI). A very limited number of tickets will be sold for this event, so you want to jump on those now, as this is a very special release party.

This is the collision of high-minded art, rough and tumble hip-hop, and the mecca of music history. Don't miss out.

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