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Favorite ThisMelt into Kaminanda's Liminal Spaces, out NOW on Merkaba Music

Published: June 18, 2014

Just in time for his performance tomorrow at SONIC BLOOM, psychedelic downtempo producer Kaminanda looses Liminal Spaces on Kalya Scintilla's Merkaba Music label.

The seven track excursion into indigenous, sacred, and otherworldly sounds is balanced by synthetic and organic elements that collide and blend until they reign in a symbiotic stew of subsonic ecstasy.

It's difficult to even say "downtempo," as Stephen Kaminanda pulses faster and faster, pushing the tempos ever upwards from his latest releases, Ancestors & Guardians and Gateways of Consciousness into "tribal trance" territory.

The spirited opener, "Moment to Moment" cascades into a flurry of clicks and beeps, all set to a driving beat that propels the track forward.

Album standout, "Elementals" has a wild mix of so many different sounds and textures, but it doesn't feel overloaded or bogged down--the various pieces fall right into place.

For fans of Kaminanda's delicate side, "Empathic Spaces" rides gorgeous melodies into a deliberate climax, demonstrating the production prowess and patience the west coast wizard possesses.

Closer "Euphoric Stillness" hearkens back to classic Kaminanda tunes: it's slower, more sensual, and packs a real punch.

Liminal Spaces is the next logical step for Kaminanda, who adds another brick to the shrine of sonic exploration he's building with each subsequent release.

As his name continues to spread, the shaman presses forward on all fronts.

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