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Favorite ThisMediks ft Astronaut - Blown Away (Submatik Remix)

Published: May 6, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

The Mediks remix competition for the hit single "Blown Away" is revealing a wide array of talent. One submission in particular that caught our attention is the remix submitted by Submatik. The DnB trio hailing from Belgium and Germany turned in a wildly evocative and emotional reworking that captured the powerful essence of the original, while maintaining the organic flow and slick production in a bold new way. The remix has a harder edge than the original, but while it's not eardrum-collapsing, face-melting carnage, you're not craving more. Simply put, you're blown away--and in that good way. This take has our vote. The western European trio is a couple of hundred clicks shy of reaching 5000 Likes on Facebook. Let's get them there so we can hear the new track!