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Favorite ThisMaxfield debuts 'Gag Reflex' from Sonorous EP

Published: December 15, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

MaxfieldOur friends at Wormhole Music Group have found a new workhorse for a number of their recent shows. Throw Maxfield on the lineup, and fans are going to be mighty pleased. The breakout bass producer has this crispy, crunchy, slow style of high-powered dubstep that takes this grainy, fuzzy, machine-driven mechazoid to new heights. It's kind of a brilliant concept: slow the tempo down, and you can stuff a lot more wobbles and wonks in there.

His new EP is Sonorous, and it drops December 19th on the Wormhole label. Maxfield today premieres “Gag Reflex,” which really plays into his throbbing, almost plodding BPM, as if a mastodon with 30 odd caveman attached to its legs by spears and rope is making a break for the valley, but is being dogged by these pesky humans.

To be honest, you don't really need me. Maxfield kinda kills it on the description front:

Two songs about the things we find ourselves doing to get through our personal struggles.

A song about the fear and guilt that comes with mental illness.

A song about a first date.

Take what you will from that, but most of all, come next Tuesday, come back around and support the guy, because he's doing some really cool stuff.

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