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Favorite ThisMatrix & Futurebound Interview

Published: January 2, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Matrix & Futurebound have been bringing non-stop heaters this past year. The duo out of London and Liverpool continue to perfect their visceral style of drum and bass, providing fans with a consistent stream of ethereal anthems. Each floor-rattling tune has been bigger and better than the last.

M&F’s latest gem stays true to this undisputable ascension, further solidifying their crucial role in the constantly flourishing world of DnB. “Magnetic Eyes” coalesces hypnotizing synths and heartfelt drum patterns with the heavenly vocals of Baby Blue, resulting in unadulterated passion throughout. Lyrics like “Walking out to lose myself, eyes down low. Take my mind to somewhere else, where I'm all alone” instantaneously grip your deepest emotions, creating a feeling of non-stop fervor from head to toe. The release also includes venomous revamps from Smooth, TC, and Pryamid, each putting their own unique twist on the world-class track.

“Magnetic Eyes” strikes up an impunitive balance between potent and peaceful, elevating your gracious eardrums above the earth’s atmosphere. Check out the release, download their free track “Move On,” and than peep our exclusive interview with the boys below.

Free Download: Move On

Big ups on the new track! What was the creative process like behind “Magnetic Eyes,” and how was working with Baby Blue?

Thanks. We had amazing reactions to our last single “All I Know,” and it ended up getting to #29 in the UK national charts. It’s fair to say we felt a bit of pressure when making “Magnetic Eyes.” We’ve always liked working on vocal tracks, and on both “All I Know” and “Magnetic Eyes” we had great vocalists to work with so that was the perfect starting point. Baby Blue is known more as a rapper, but she’s actually got an amazing singing voice. I think this record will surprise a few people who know her earlier stuff.

The single features revamps from Smooth, TC, and Pyramid. How’d you decide which artists to put on the release?

Once we’d nailed the main bulk of writing our original mix, we knew we had to pick certain artists in different genres we support and liked, and who could deliver the right sort of mix that would kick it in a club. We really hammer most tracks from artists like TC and Smooth anyway, so we knew they’d deliver the goods. Pyramid are from Funkatech Records, who regularly host Room 2 at our Viper @ Cable nights, so the Funkatech crew are always a safe bet for some funky electro or bass. We had a clear idea in our heads of what we wanted from them and they really executed their remixes brilliantly.

What does the song “Magnetic Eyes” and video mean to you?

It was actually written because Matrix has magnetic eyes. If you look at him for too long he can hypnotize you!

You two have been working together for a long time now. How’d you first meet and start producing as Matrix & Futurebound?

We’d both known each other for years and made names for ourselves on our own as producers and DJs. Matrix was running Metro Recordings, while Futurebound ran Viper Recordings. After talking several times about doing a collab, we finally got in the studio and the result was “Strength 2 Strength,” which we co-released as “Metro / Viper.” The result was great, and we continued working together from there, eventually leading to our Universal Truth album.

What are the biggest goals you’ve accomplished so far as producers, and what do you hope to achieve in the future?

Our biggest goal working together so far would have to be our Universal Truth album, as it was so widely acclaimed. Looking back at that, it was such a great project to work on and it felt really natural to write it. We’re confident we’ll feel the same about our new one too.

You’ve been working on a follow up album to Universal Truth. Any news you can share with us yet?

We’re both very careful about our tracks not sounding like the last one, or more importantly like anyone else. That’s why we take time on releasing stuff, especially doing an album. Due to the success of “All I Know” and “Magnetic Eyes,” things have been a bit slower on moving the album forward and completing it. That’s alright though, because we both know with two more big hitters in the bag, our other unfinished ideas will fall into place. We’re very confident this album will be out in 2023… I mean 2013.

As 2012 comes to a close, we have to ask. What are your favorite releases so far this year, and what artists continue to impress you?

It’s been a real big year for drum and bass. It had to be because the year before, dubstep was taking over the world, so it was important that the producers in DnB worked hard and delivered some fresh ideas. For us, stuff like TC’s “Bass By The Tonne,” ShockOne’s “Chaos Theory,” Culture Shock’s “Troglodyte,” Chords’ “Video Soul,” Seven Lions’ “Below Us,” and Sub Focus’ “Out The Blue” all sounded fresh and forward thinking.

What do you love most about running record labels?

The main thing about running your own label is the buzz you get when gathering together a team of like-minded people. Everyone who works at our labels has the most important thing running through their veins: passion. From Tim, who manages the whole back end and marketing, to the artists striving to come up with killer music. We’ve all got that “little kid” mentality inside us. From our point of view, it’s so great when you spot an artist early on and nurture their talents, then a few years later watch them become headlining names.

If you could tour with any artists whether living or dead, who would they be?

The Doors. Can you imagine the laughs you’d have with Jim Morrison?

What can we expect from Matrix & Futurebound in 2013?

More hit tracks that follow suit to “All I Know” and “Magnetic Eyes,” as well as some good ol’ DJ club bangers and some feel good M&F album vibes. Also a much overdue North American Tour! Did we mention we’re now booking for North America via Circle Talent Agency? (Oh how subtle!)

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