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Favorite ThisMatrix & Futurebound - All I Know (feat. Luke Bingham) (Seven Lions Mix)

Published: May 4, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
We at are in the habit of being blown away by Jeff Montalvo. His prolific Seven Lions project is churning out some of the most impressive dubstep we've heard in a minute. He's not afraid to go right after pop tunes, specifically here attaching Matrix & Futurebound's "All I Know" feat. Luke Bingham with some jaw-dropping blasts of bass. The circuitous path between calm and frenzy is not marked by jagged right angles, but more by Bezier curves that ebb and flow, building and dropping with staccato glitches and surprising vocal textures. Montalvo is taking the artistry of bass to never-before-seen levels of mastery. In a genre that is so full of bluster and bravado, there is a serene beauty amidst the apocalyptic soundscapes of a Seven Lions remix.