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Favorite ThisMat Coast - Dreams [EXCLUSIVE]

Published: January 15, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

French DJ and producer Mat Coast has found himself a sound. Obscurity will be a concept of the past when his High Intensity Records debut EP, Northern, hits the streets--and more importantly, the clubs--on Monday, January 21st. is privileged to share the opener "Dreams," from the forthcoming, four-track album. Building ever so patiently, the kick and synths of this progressive house anthem thud in your chest and ring in your ears. The production quality and attention to detail are so stunning. This is definitely a tune to try in your headphones before taking out to the nightclub. The ebb and flow of the melody as it crashes into the climax are breathtaking, and Coast's sense of timing is impeccable. You haven't heard much from Mat Coast, yet, but things are about to change.

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