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Favorite ThisMartyParty: Summer Sex

Published: September 19, 2012

"Here’s number 3 in the MVP Series of tracks that will “drip” out during my Fall Tour with the full album launching by end of the fall. To check out anything you missed, scope the blog.

First run of shows with Pretty Lights in Reno, San Francisco, and Los Angeles were beyond amazing. The experience is one I won’t soon forget. Excited to announce that I’ll be jumping back on the road with the guys in November… joining up for dates in Birmingham, Bloomington, and Madison. But first, meeting up with LoBounce this Friday night to bring the roof down at Miramar in Milwaukee. Click here for the full schedule.

Summer is nearly over. But before we flip into fall, I thought Id share this pretty lil tune. It started this summer tour at my hotel in Durango, Colorado as a feel good track and progressed to be a uplifting summer sexy backdrop. Use it to milk the last goodness from the air before it gets too cold outside.

Turn it up, lay back, and enjoy." - MartyParty