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Favorite ThisMartyParty: Sub ON EP Released

Published: October 5, 2011

Prolific purple producer MartyParty is back in action. Today marked the release of his brand new EP Sub ON. The 5-track package recruits the help of "Turkey in the Straw," Christina Aguilera, and Pacman to bring recognizable hooks to the land of bass. Marty Folb has been on a mission throughout the year to release a number of EPs, which range from his downtempo, sexier PANTyRAiD-type stuff to the more bombastic bangers on his dubstep albums. Standout track "V8" is a monster truck packed with low-end laden subwoofer spasms. The closing track, "Bully," is the closest cut to Folb's signature purple style, methodically adding pieces every 8 bars until the track explodes at the drop, then slowly taking away the pieces until the naked melody lies exposed in it's elegance. Expect at least another MartyParty release before the end of the year. Who knows, there might be four or five more in the hopper... 

Tags: BreaksDrum and BassDubstep