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Favorite ThisMarkus Schulz: Scream Review

Published: September 26, 2012
By: Gracie Roberts

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Late last month,  German trance DJ and producer Markus Schulz released his newest and greatest long-playing excursion: Scream. Since the release of Do You Dream?, Markus has been planting the seeds that grew into Scream. Caring deeply about his fans’ reception and reactions to his music, Schulz has been quoted saying that “in many respects, the title Scream is also this album’s mission statement.” Schulz wants us to get up on our feet and dance for this one, and this goal is achieved when these ear-catching tracks hit dance floors across the globe.

As a long-time influence in the EDM world, Markus Schulz has watched trance music transform into a genre that is loved and celebrated by many people of different cultures. Starting with his first single released in 1998, Schulz has demonstrated again and again that the production side of his mind is alive and kicking with ideas that cater to the time and audience he’s trying to reach -- something he has accomplished yet again with Scream.

Markus has said that Scream is undoubtedly his most vocal-oriented album to date. The 19-track collection showcases a handful of vocalists that give it diversity and many musical shades. The album’s fourth track, “Love Rain Down,” features the vocals of New York-based singer Seri. This track has a softer, airy sound that includes piano and a major chord progression that gives it an established and popular hook. “Love Rain Down” is juxtaposed by its following track, “Carry On,” a darker, more sultry piece which is sang by US songstress Jaren.

Mixed in with lyrics and vocals, however, are the instrumental jewels that Markus has woven into the album to serve as interludes to the storm of lyrics that are featured. “Loops and Tings” opens up the album with the inclusion of hard bass, while “Triotonic” comes forth as a haunting track with a minor chord progression. Near the album’s close, “Digital Madness” begins as an ambient piece that steadily builds up into a powerful beat with a wailing synth melody. These tracks give the album an element of balance, allowing the listener to take a moment before diving into the next lyrical track.

Markus strikes a tender chord with the last handful of tracks inside of Scream. “Absolution” features male vocals that convey the emotionally charged message of finding forgiveness inside the embrace of another. “I Like It,” another track with deep male vocals, explores Markus’ flirtation with dubstep sound. Halfway through the track, Markus’ traditional trance beat transforms that of a slower, more relaxed dub sound.

The album’s title track, “Scream” includes a male voice that reflects the intensity of the album’s title. The lyrics ask “Is there anyone listening?” as the track is built up with a drum beat that drops into a synth melody that is joyful and celebratory in its nature.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Markus has one more track in store for us, appropriately titled “Finish Line.” This instrumental track bottles up all the energy stored inside the rest of the album and unleashes it through a series of musical highs and lows. The track’s end comes without warning, and the listener is left wondering what’s next. At this point, it’s best to simply listen to the entire album for a second time, reliving each of the sentimental points of Scream that Markus has included for his valued fans.

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