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Favorite ThisManic Focus to tour with Big Gigantic (video)

Published: February 4, 2013
By: Mica D'Alesandro

Manic Focus will be in the spotlight this year. Tell your friends you already know what's up.   He'll grab ahold of you whether you're a fan of reggae, funk, bluegrass, hip-hop, or indie rock. John McCarten adds the right combination of bass and electro sounds, throws in guitar and sax riffs, and knows how to keep it chill when necessary. With a creative edge that's fun, unique, and full of energy, the party doesn't start until he hits the stage.  He remixes songs that remind you of your youth, whether you're a diehard Tupac or Red Hot Chili Peppers fan--you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face when you hear these treats. Opening for Big Gigantic on an upcoming Winter 2013 Tour leg, fans in attendance will be getting a little extra than what they paid for.