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Favorite ThisManic Focus: Expanding Mind Review

Published: June 14, 2012
By: Ty Allen

Well folks, Manic Focus is back at it again, dropping his latest gift of sampling surprises in the form of Expanding Mind, a brand new, 9 track album featuring his hit single “Circles (mentioned in our review of Manic’s Definition of Rhythm EP). This time around the mix-maestro delves a bit deeper into his hip-hop roots, constructing masterful mixes from names like Two Fresh & M.I.A, and surgically slicing up samples from some of rap’s greatest, Outkast and Eminem—to name a few.
Right from the start, Manic’s incredible talents and classical music training blast this album right off the ground with beautiful stings and keys which seem to constantly transform into mythical versions of their former selves. Whether it’s an abrasive arpeggio, or a wave of whimsical wobbles, his ability to subtly inject sultry sound is undeniable. The entire album is simply harmonious, without one track that overshadows another, and yet each has it’s own flavor to add to the recipe.
“Hot” just can’t describe this man’s beats, and “immaculate” fails to adequately capture his production prowess, and that’s what makes him stand above a crowd of hip-hop producers. We know you will enjoy this one, so get ready to vibe out and, as usual, crank up that bass!