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Favorite ThisManic Focus - Church and Play

Published: April 17, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
John McCarten is either pounding 5-hour Energy shots or has discovered the secret herb of constant creativity, because he is turning out tracks like nobody's business. Manic Focus is more than just his nom de bass, it's plainly his production technique. On the heels of Definition of the Rhythm, he's coming out with a brand new one, Expanding the Mind.  With his album release party just around the corner (at Chicago's Subdivision with Spankalicious on April 27th), McCarten has given The Untz an exclusive new dubstep take complete with Prodigy-esque warbles and a remarkably chill melodic line; tickling the ivories of  taste and functionality without coming off as cheesy or forced. In fact, the drops aren't over the top--they are precise, controlled, and fit the flow of the track. With dates stretching out into May and June with Opiuo, Vaski, and Crizzly, we can expect even more 'mania' and even more 'focus' hitting our Fresh Beatz roll.