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Favorite ThisMaHi remixes Crywolf & Ianborg 'Ribcage' [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: August 27, 2015

By: Stella Baxter

Crywolf will make you tear up with his emotional sounds, as well as his own vocals on tracks like “The Home We Made,” but this new MaHi remix of Crywolf’s collaboration with Ianborg, “Ribcage,” will definitely take you on a journey. The original track captures a slower beat with an indie-electro feel.

MaHi kicked it up a notch with his progressive house flvaors and an added electro thump when things get cranking, but kept Crywolf a.k.a. Justin Taylor Phillips' mesmerizing vocals intact. With these talented producers consistently collaborating and remixing each others' work, it gets us excited for what's to come around the bend for all of these acts.

Tags: ElectroProgressive House