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Favorite ThisMad Zach - Antimatter Cave (Amp Live Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: May 5, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

When it comes to underground bass music, turns out it's not an LA or NYC label that always brings the heat, but a tight-knit operation from Hamburg, Germany is in the driver's seat for so many of our favorite producers. Saturate Records is continuously killing it, and further proof of the European label's quest for world dominance comes in the form of the brand new Mad Zach EP, Quantum Shock, which features Sayer and frequent collaborator G Jones, as well as remixes from Pixelord, Bleep Bloop, and Conrank.

Today's premiere comes from Amp Live, who took the upbeat "Antimatter Cave," and chilled it out, considerably. With Amp's hip-hop credibility giving him opportunities far and wide, this is one of the snappiest productions we've heard from him of late. It's smooth, elegant, and simple--just the way we love our trap.

You can download the album at the name-your-own-price point, or you can snag that heavy, purple vinyl if you're a serious boss.

Tags: Trap