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Favorite ThisMachineCode hardwire their sound to YUKU with 'Mockingbird'

Published: December 14, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

machinecode - Every Ones & NothingsBerlin duo MachineCode are the latest act to get a proper release on YUKU. The label has been assembling beautiful vinyl with insane artwork with a collector's foot forward, but the list of musicians they have worked with and their selected pieces have been dazzling.

Drum and bass producers Current Value and Dean Rodell who make up MachineCode are sitting on a gorgeous vinyl with twelve dizzying tracks that make you want to quit music entirely. Subtle and muted, in parts, great explosions of intensity and pure bliss stretch out and take form in these intricately long productions.

Today we feature “Mockingbird,” which is actually the closing number on the album. The consistency throughout the album explains why you'd find a scorcher like this one all the way at the end of the album. And as usual, YUKU treat the fan and the artist right with a fetching package for those who love physical music. Anything YUKU is an insta-buy.

MachineCode's Every Ones & Nothings from YUKU

Tags: Drum and Bass