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Favorite ThisLYQD taps into the power of 'Owls'

Published: February 5, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

LYQD - Sub Conscious EPVibey Desert co-founder Mark Raybukh is back on our feeds as we head into the weekend. He's got a brand new EP coming out via his LYQD project next week, and he's tapping into his psybass side for this one.

Cue The Watchmen-esque cover art that's got mad Dr. Manhattan vibes, and you'll get a sense of the kind of big brain magic he's got going on “Owls.” Today's premiere hones in on the smartest of all animals (at least that's what their little graduation hats are implying). What I love most about Raybukh's productions are his ample use of space. There's such intricate use of rests among the drip, drip, drips of LYQD's synths.

While we're waiting for the world to catch up to vaccine development, and all west coast events, big and small are on pause, we'll keep shining our spotlight on the event producers who double as producer producers as they enjoy their time off (somewhat).

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