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Favorite ThisLWKY remix Kanye West 'All Day' for second in five remix series

Published: July 10, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

After last week's remix of the classic Three 6 Mafia joint "Stay High," Chicago trio LWKY is back with a reworking of the Yeezus. If there's one thing Kanye West is good at, it's getting that hype. Zack Harper, Derek Outson, and Kevin Moze are cutting through a five-remix series with us here at on consecutive Fridays this month, and this powerful rehashing of "All Day" is like Christmas in July.

With a cavalcade of different looks and sounds, the trio pours elements of trap, glitch, funk, and livetronica into this pretty little package. There's even a bit of a future garage sound in there, with the pitch-shifted vox and the super sexy percussion.

Now that LWKY has bestowed something fresh on you, turn around and do them a favor. The trio heads to the Tonic Room in Chicago on Saturday (July 11) to play for a chance to perform at Hyperion Festival, hitting Spencer, IN next month. It's one of our all-time favorite festivals, and the boys deserve a chance. Give them that shot!

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