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Favorite ThisLucky Date: Freak

Published: February 27, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

When Lucky Date (Jordan Atkins-Loria) starts a family, he will undoubtedly tell his kids about “Fall Into The Sky,” an ethereal collaboration with Zedd from Clarity, containing the heavenly harmonies of miss Ellie Goulding. While Zedd’s masterpiece featured a slew of vocal contributions, Atkins-Loria was the only producer blessed enough to provide his effervescent instrumentations to the future Grammy nominated album (we’re making predictions for 2014 already).
On Lucky Date’s latest endeavor, he’s unleashed a club-worthy banger just waiting to turn a docile crowd into a tumultuous sea of colliding body parts. “Freak” kick-starts with throbbing pulses of volcanic bass tones, stunning each listener into instant submission as rampantly bouncy synths soon follow. Guaranteed to have every lady in attendance shaking her money maker, getting freaky like there’s no tomorrow.
Lucky Date just wants you to have fun, vastly apparent from this floor-rattling anthem. Crank this bad boy to eleven, then witness the world immediately surrounding you getting weird—real weird.

"Freak" was released earlier this week on Warpath Group, and is available for purchase on Beatport.

Tags: ElectroHouse