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Favorite ThisLucidity Festival Slideshow / Live Oak Campground (Santa Barbara, CA) / 4-12-2013

Published: April 30, 2013
Photos and story by: Amanda Mendrek (

Nestled deep within the Santa Barbara mountains a community of dreamers gathered to participate, learn, grow, and love. Each individual dreamer held a key to their own awakening; transcending the confusion of traditional dreams into a state of lucidity. From April 12-14 Live Oak Campground served as a portal for these dreams and Lucidity Music Festival 2013 was the dreamland. 
Lucidity Festival encouraged more than just attendance. Eye-opening art installations welcomed dreamer collaboration while various workshops offered guidance in subjects ranging from multimedia to yoga. Performance artists appeared suspended from the clouds and others rose high above the tents urging dreamers to never limit their reality. Casual walks through the grounds undoubtedly lead to meaningful interpersonal connections that will be remembered for a lifetime. The experiences were what the dreamer made them.

Transformational acts from around California, the nation, and the world came to share their sonic messages of harmony. Whether it was live bands, folksy and international performers, hip-hop acts (like Zion I and Vokab Kompany), or the gentle mood-altering and body-moving music of Bluetech, Phutureprimitive, or Kaminanda, there was a vibrational pathway for each attendee to find and settle into.
As dusk settled upon the land, breeze kicked up dust and the bass was turned up. The earth vibrated on waves of electronic love, urging night owls down from their perch. Live painters and LED performers shed light upon the visible energy of sound, while art installations encouraged dreamers to look twice. However, the real beauty of Lucidity was within the dreamer and the community supporting the structure of the dreamland. 
Upon the dawn of the new day Live Oak Campground was left a better place.

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