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Favorite ThisLucidea jams its way into our hearts with Iguanatron EP [PREMIERE]

Published: December 9, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

It's been a couple months since we premiered the lead single from Atlanta jamtronica duo Lucidea's brand new EP, Iguanatron. Since the hip-hop-heavy "What We Do" debuted back in October, we've been hungrily anticipating the next release from Thomas Garrett and Josh Bell. Finally, deep into December, the right sound came around at the right price.

Iguanatron adds four more songs to the collection, including deep, dark, tribal jam "Fluff" that will have STS9 fans beggingin for more. "Time Bomb" has a dubby feel, blended with some 90's era rap-rock riffs. Quite the sonic stew right there.

"Sink or Swim" opens with a kind of old-school electro-soul sound, but then goes into straight jam territory. It's a trip. The title track, "Iguanatron," has a trill meets lounge sound, taking sexy hip-hop elements and mixing them with jazzy keys and guitar. All these tracks are free. That's right. Download away!

We see this live duo going places. Breaking out beyond their Atlanta home, there are a ton of acts for Lucidea to study in order to navigate their way through the music industry. Expect to see these guys popping up a lot more in the southeast. In fact, you can catch them this Friday, December 11 at the Funky Buddha in Boca Raton, FL with The Malah.

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