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Favorite ThisLucid Vision unleashes On The Rise EP, plays The Untz Festival in June

Published: February 11, 2016

By: Martin Van Beek

The Untz Festival Phase 2Member of The Mile High Sound Movement, along with other artists such as Dynohunter, Unlimited Gravity, and Kinetik Groove, Denver, Colorado-based producer Lucid Vision has been making music that speaks to the soul since 2011. With such releases like "Forever We Delve" with Tayler Bledsoe and "In The Storm," we are excited as ever for his latest EP, On The Rise. As Dalton Kieta states himself, he is “Just a guy that enjoys a fresh cup of coffee and making music that makes you feel,” and does he ever achieve this with his eclectic style.

Starting On The Rise with “Home Remix" ft Knowledge Thyself, Lucid Vision combines mandolin with bass-driven wobbles to create a one of a kind sound that takes listeners through a melodic journey through a beautifully crafted soundscape. Finishing the track with the lyrical prowess and hip-hop influence of Knowledge Thyself, this song quickly became one of this writer's favorite tracks.

Continuing on to “The Lucid Effect," with Colorado hip-hop phenom, Kruza Kid, this piece starts of with a bluesy guitar riff, that in addition with Kieta’s electric guitar and bass, brings the level of emotion that we have come to know and love in Lucid Vision’s music. Then Kruza Kid’s verse over the already wondrous melodies enhances the feels in the song tenfold.

If you are in Colorado be sure to check him out, performing with Bass Physics at the Aggie Theatre on February 20th, as well as playing our very own The Untz Festival on June 2-4 in Mariposa, California!

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