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Favorite ThisLucid Vision teams with Homemade Spaceship on So Alive EP [PREMIERE]

Published: December 9, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Lucid Vision

Not only did we have the distinct privilege of chatting with Dalton Kieta, we got to share his new release with Rab Revere, to boot.

Two dynamic Denver forces have teamed up for a future funk throwdown. Lucid Vision & Homemade Spaceship today release their new EP, So Alive. Two massive tracks featuring plenty of fancy guitar and tons of bass.

"Knew Wisdom" is a funky blast that jams in plenty of subsonic energy. "See Through" features the vocals of Tayler Bledsoe (who goes by Gioto), and despite being the more chill of the two tracks, definitely packs a punch.

Lucid Vision chatted with us about his newfound partnership with Homemade Spaceship, the music scene in Colorado, and what he's personally looking forward to about The Untz Festival in Mariposa, CA from June 2-4, 2016.

The Untz Festival

You're a staple in the Denver scene. Why do you think the city's become such a magnet for great electronic music (as evidenced by the Colorado leaning lineup of The Untz Festival)?

Well, first, thank you for the kind compliment. But, Denver is definitely a hotbed for electronic music and I've always been excited about how much opportunity and competition is rooted to the scene here. I think that the activity has perpetually fueled itself. It starts with a few artists making a living off of music and then more and more people follow their example. Pretty Lights is from Fort Collins, Griz lives in Boulder, Bass Physics is from Denver, Vibe Street, Late Night Radio, Mikey Thunder, the list goes on and on. When opportunity and success is so apparent, it catalyzes the rest of the scene.

Who are some of the acts on The Untz Festival you're most excited to see (especially seeing for the first time)?

I've always wanted to see Desert Dwellers, I missed them last time they came through Denver and I'm really excited to catch their set in California. It'll be my first time seeing Mr. Bill and Kaminanda, so I'm looking forward to exploring some new musical territory. I also grew up and went to school with both members of Bass Physics, so I wouldn't miss their set for the world.

Tell me about the creative relationship you have with Homemade Spaceship. How did that start, and what's the production process like between you two?

The Lucid Vision / Homemade Spaceship collaboration kind of came out of nowhere, but I have been really excited about what's been coming of it! This dude is an extremely talented producer and is a natural in the art of sound design.

Usually when we get together, we'll take about 20 minute turns sitting in the producer seat, while the other person helps guide the creative process, or just spectates. I love having a teammate to work with, because we literally get twice as much done. Even when I'm not sitting in the producer seat, the work flow is still moving. Not only that, but when we get together, it seems like the ideas continuously flow and evolve.

What can fans expect from your set at The Untz Festival in June?

Well I am honored to be associated with the rest of the artists on the lineup and I feel that this performance is deserving of something really special. Aside from some unreleased songs that I only play live, I have been working on diversifying my performance with some new instrumentation. My main goals with music are to raise vibration, get dance floors feeling good, and inspire people into realizing that we have the ability create our dreams. This music career was a vision that I felt I had to create, and it brings so much meaning to life. We are all supposed to feel alive.


You can catch Lucid Vision, along with some of the best in bass like Mr. BillDesert Dwellers, Bass Physics, and more at The Untz Festival at Mariposa County Fairgrounds in Mariposa, CA from June 2-4, 2016. Visit to grab your tickets!

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