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Favorite ThisLoyal Divide - Vision Vision (Derek VanScoten Remix)

Published: March 6, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
Derek VanScoten (formerly D.V.S*) has established himself as the master of six-string-soaked remixes that take the original material for a whirlwind ride through scintillating melodies and dance-laden grooves. Whether it's indie (Bear Hands), classic rock (The Doors' "The End"), or contemporary glitch (Mochipet), VanScoten focuses on finding the heart of the track, and then drawing textured layers of reverb-washed brilliance over the top. This time, Derek dove into the dark electronica of Loyal Divide's "Vision Vision," from their forthcoming remix album Vision/Revision. Taking LD's brooding funk and flipping it about its axis the tune becomes a luxurious dance number that is both crystal clear and edgy all at once.

VanScoten is heading West next week for a SXSW date with Michal Menert and Paul Basic, a couple shows in Colorado with Ott as well as The Polish Ambassador before hitting Dallas with NiT GriT and Two Fresh, then it's back east for end of the month shows at the Rock 'n' Roll Resort with Shpongle and Alex Grey, then SnowMont with Snoop Dogg. Just the two of them, hanging out and discussing the Real Housewives of Orange County. Nah, there's more, but who needs more than Snoop and 'Scoten?