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Favorite ThisLowpro Lounge Recordings releases free compilation

Published: January 23, 2011

In honor of LoveTech's second anniversary, Lowpro Lounge Recordings has released a free compilation featuring some of the most cutting edge electronic acts in the Bay Area.  The Flying Skulls, Mochipet, Energy Alchemist, Moldover, the Spit Brothers and a slew of other bass and future music artists have tracks on comp, and will be playing the live celebration thrown with The Slayers Club this Friday, January 28th at Public Works in San Francisco.  LoveTech is dedicated to pushing the electronic frontier in music, technology, and art, putting the tools in the hands of the people with their Digital Jam Lounge and LearnTech PlayShops.  For those not able to make the shindig, the LoveTech 2 Year Compilation showcases the next wave of glitch, chill, and hip-hop sounds from the left coast.  Like a free peek into the future, take advantage.

Here are several of the tracks from the compilation:

Mochipet - I Got remix

The Flying Skulls - Hooj Choons / Rio Rhythm Band Remix

Henry Strange - 2010

Download the entire LoveTech 2 Year Compilation now, for free.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoDrum and BassDubstepElectroGlitch