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Favorite ThisLove and Light: The Light We Bring EP Review

Published: March 29, 2011

By: Kerry McNeil

Love and Light: The Light We Bring EPElectronic dance duo Love & Light have more glitchy, melodic, and wobbly bass sounds in store for fans with the release of their second EP in five months, The Light We Bring. Reno natives Matt Madonna (aka 4centers) and Ryan Anderson (Probiotik) bring much more than light to the table with their signature wobble and crescendos built to rock dance floors everywhere.

Opening strongly with the synthy build up on “Good Vibes,” Love & Light fuse glitch, laser-licks, and a drop that samples a choir. The duo is about more than just ‘good’ vibes—the first track has an addictive hook that keeps you coming back for more.

Anderson and Madonna have produced an irresistible rhythm with “Heart.” Intricately crafted melodies are splayed against crowds shouting in time with the beat. The track fades into a ghostly relic of its openings strains, pumping right back up with a scientific definition of the heart—“the physical organ that pumps blood”—in a deep, slo-mo voice. With more wobble and horns, the vocal sample is diced and dashed across the remainder of the cut.

“Slap and Tickle” eases in with a steady pulse, building into a siren, then dropping back down into glitchy rhythms and fuzzy melodies that drive the track. A drop full of echoing melodies explodes with another siren back up into grinding, wobbly rhythms. L&L enjoy playing with the listener, not content to ride any particular rut for too long—an ADD approach to the give and take.

An intensely static and pounding beat builds up into two powerful crescendos on “The Light We Bring,” with melodic synths, dropping into samples of Haddaway’s “What is Love,” and cut-ups of James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” A third and even more forceful build-up, leads to a heavy electronic organ melody that closes out the pulsating dance track.

“You’re The Reason Why,” begins with a slow, revolving keyboard melody—laced through glitchy, down-tempo dubstep and ‘woo-ing’ vocal samples—creating a virtual carousel of diverse sounds. The track’s catchy melody meshed with harsh beats and strong vocal samples make it stand out on the EP.

It’s no wonder that Anderson and Madonna have earned close to 20,000 plays on almost every track on their SoundCloud page—with varied sounds spanning dubstep and glitch-hop, Love & Light produce a distinctive listening experience that will keep crowds moving on the floor.

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