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Favorite ThisLove & Light - Shift Happens [Out NOW on Simplify Recordings]

Published: May 6, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Following up on the smash success of their remix of Pretty Lights' "New Moon Same Dark," Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson are experiencing what many in the industry would call a complete metamorphosis. In line with the transformation in sound comes Shift Happens, the new album from Love and Light out today on Simplify Recordings.

The 8-track album is a departure from the duo's traditional mid-tempo sound, perfect for the Playa with its banging beats and thundering bass. With this new crop of tunes, the guys slowed things down a bit, bringing out the beautiful possibilities of lush instrumentations and more delicate melodies.

Standout tracks like "Pinion Juniper" and "Key-O'Metric Saturns" play around with Asian influences, twanging strings, and even chiptune. The glitch vibe is strong with L&L, but the pair are able to take a more longitudinal approach to their tunes, with a fuller, deeper sound.

The release coincides with the final week of the guys' national tour, which started back in February with Spankalicious, and concluded with a run up and down the west coast with Psymbionic. Dates in Reno, Denver, Ft Collins, and Flagstaff put an exclamation point on what has already been a hugely successful spring. Now all eyes turn towards an exciting festival season. #ShiftHappens.

Love and Light Spring 2014 Tour