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Favorite ThisLove and Light - Crunk Your Socks Off

Published: March 22, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson just can't stand still. They always have to have that bounce. Love and Light is reaching a whole new level of crunkitude with "Crunk Your Socks Off," an infectious banger with vocal support from everybody's favorite Tribe member, Q-Tip. And for those of you who say "noooo, Phife Dawg is the greatest," just relax. You know your wrong. Digression aside, L&L is on a roll, hitting their stride with a combination of funky beats and liquid cool hip-hop. While they are solidly a pillar of the West Coast bass scene, they are certainly making a move on the rap game. Who knows, maybe they'll pair up with Kamaal, Phife, and the rest of the gang on their on track!

Tags: BreaksDubstepGlitch