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Favorite ThisLouisiana Jones - 2-Cycle

Published: April 10, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Louisiana Jones ran over all his influences with a two-stroke lawnmower, gathered up the clippings, and emptied them into his subwoofer. "2-Cycle" is a frenetic journey through a myriad of bass styles, including drumstep, trap, d&b, and some sort of double-time/hardstyle/happy hardcore mix that's hard to put your finger on. Obviously Louie Jones is having a grand ol' time doing whatever the hell he wants, creating this Megatron of subsonic doom that bounces all over the place. Obviously we haven't heard all the possibilities, yet, because Louisiana Jones hasn't crafted them. This is a crazy concoction that you're going to love, and it's all yours for FREE, save for the cost of "Like" on Facebook.