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Favorite ThisLotus Summerdance IV Review

Published: September 1, 2011

Story by Ryan Cummings

Photos by B.Hockensmith Photography

Lotus FansSummerdance at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park is Lotus’ annual summer gathering and with more than 3000 devoted fans in attendance. This year’s fourth installment of the festival was certainly a festival to remember. Hidden in the back woods of Garrettsville, Ohio, Lotus jammed for nearly two hours each night along with complementary mind-blowing performances by Big Gigantic, Sweet Earth, TechNoddo, Sonic Spank, Skratchmatik, Billy Martin’s World Beat, Archnemesis, The Werks Superjam and Broccoli Samurai. The picturesque natural environment of the state park provides the perfect backdrop for the festival.

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park is located just 45 minutes from Cleveland on 250 acres of forest and meadow with a large spring-fed swimming quarry that has a natural beach adjacent to the stage. The musicians fed off of the serene atmosphere of Nelson Ledges combined with the ecstatic energy of the crowd.

LotusThe best thing about small festivals like Summerdance is that you don’t have to pick and choose between your favorite acts. For $60, fans were able to experience ten musical acts and nearly 16 hours of music. Even though the main stage music ended at 11 p.m. the partying didn’t stop there. Both Friday and Saturday nights after Lotus treated the crowd to astonishing encore songs, “Invincibility of Youth” and “Umbilical Moonrise” there were fire dancers on the beach next to the lake providing the official after party entertainment. Also, during Saturday night’s set break, hundreds of Chinese lanterns were launched, lighting up the evening sky.

For Lotus, this is an annual “family gathering,” but I didn’t actually understand why it was called this until I actually attended this years’ fest. What does it mean to be a family? For starters love and loyalty are the buzz words. Summerdance is just that, loyal friends and family who love one another. Summerdance attendees are hanging on every note Lotus plays and the band responds to the energy coursing from the crowd of diehard fans.

In preparation for their new, self-titled album, slated for release on September 13, Lotus played a track off of their new album entitled “The Surf.” The only song on the album to feature lyrics, this song was elevating with light, rhythmic melodies and uplifting vocals combined with heavy synth sounds and basslines. Also, the second set of Friday night kicked off with fan favorite “Blacklight Sunflare,” from the new album. With so many sounds combined into one track, they really break out all of the bells and whistles. After working on these tracks for nearly two years the road testing is complete and it has finally reached its instrumental capacity.

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Lotus - Blacklight Sunflare


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