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Favorite ThisLotus' Jesse Miller Premieres New Beard-o-Bees Track

Published: June 8, 2011

Beard-o-Bees - TwelveBlurring the line between glitch-hop and electro, Lotus's Jesse Miller is pushing his production prowess to another level with his Beard-o-Bees project. His latest track, "Twelve," features a decidedly glitchy, undeniably funky foundational beat, and then presses the gas with a four-on-the-floor "chorus," if you want to call it that. Replete with a squeaky sax and plenty of bells and whistles, the title may as well be referring to number of tracks, that's at least as many things as are going on at one time.

Known for sober focus and dramatic flourish, Jesse Miller's work with Lotus, as well as his Ghost Stepper side project with Luke Miller and Mike Greenfield might paint his productions as overly serious, if not dark. "Twelve" shows a lighter, funkier side of Miller's beat work. With upcoming festival slots with Lotus at Re:Generation, Camp Bisco X, and North Coast, not to mention a clutch spot on July 2nd at Red Rocks with The Glitch Mob, look out for surprise Beard-o-Bees dates here and there on the road...

Beard-o-Bees - Twelve

Twelve by Beard-o-Bees

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