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Favorite ThisLotus - Bush Pilot (KEYS N KRATES Remix)

Published: September 14, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Over the past two years of touring, pre-eminent jamtronica act Lotus has become quite close with its hip-hop cousins KEYS N KRATES. The Canadian live remix trio recently took on "Bush Pilot" from the eponymous Lotus release from last year. Where the original possesses an anthemic afrobeat soul, KNK threw down a "trapahton" take on the track. It sounds like Baauer was sent from the future back to 1977 to kick it with Fela Kuti. This fan-favorite from the past years of Lotus live shows gets a wicked facelift courtesy of thick bass kicks, perfectly-pitched snares, and a bouncy background siren line that gives the cut an asymmetrical wonk. The power of organic instrumentation is preserved as well, which makes sense because KNK brings its own organic feel to a very electronic world with their own live show. Jesse Miller from Lotus has remixed some KEYS N KRATES tunes, and KNK has already taken on a couple of Lotus cuts, so we're expecting even more back and forth from these cutting edge bands.