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Favorite ThisLooking for Bumps? (Volume 6)

Published: August 16, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Welcome to Looking for Bumps; a weekly series hosted by The Untz that will bring listeners more content, and do it consistently so you will always have a place to find fresh new tracks. The series will feature new songs and previews of forthcoming releases while encompassing genres all across bass culture, with the desire to provide something for everyone, all the time.

Starting off this week’s edition of Looking for Bumps is a colorful collaboration, specifically the color purple, between a collective of California musicians who are helping shape the future of hip-hop. Minnesota and Amp Live pack this monumental tune full of entrancing, melody driven facets, while MC Zumbi tops it off with his classic style of conscious wordplay; the perfect way to promote their upcoming tour.

Anytime Tipper unveils some new tracks, his die-hard fans immediately enter a state of pandemonium. His new EP will be released on September 2nd, but today we have a piercing set of exuberant teasers that are here to, well, tease you till the real thing drops. Soothing, powerful, and remarkably catchy—just how we like it.

When world-renowned producers like Laidback Luke, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, and Sander van Doorn are supporting your tunes, there’s a good chance you’re doing something right. Ansol & Dyro's “Top of the World” has become a ubiquitous festival anthem these last few months, and when those breathtaking vocals and appeasing build-ups finally reach their peak, it will only be a matter of seconds before the crowd goes off.

Not only does Kill Paris categorize his newest tune as “Panty Soak And Dropstep,” which is already awesome, but he also provides listeners with just the right amount of cowbell to fulfill their daily dose. “Fallen Love” is a blissful tune that layers majestic vocals over sporadic bass patterns, and in turn creates your new favorite love song.

Whenever MILLERTIME tosses off another tune, it quickly becomes our new guilty pleasure for the week. This up and coming producer has a knack for creating addicting tracks that get better each time you hear them, and this one is no different. His newest edit gracefully places gripping vocals from Eva Simons and Eric Thercht over a tantalizing backdrop from Deadmau5, and his supporters can’t get enough of it.

If your ears have yet to experience everything that is MitiS, we can only assume they need to get out more. His titillating soundscapes will instantly capture your undivided attention, with drum beats that are more like heart beats, and synth bursts that tell a beautiful story. His newest gem sways towards the spectrum of progressive, if only to further prove that he can do anything he wants with music.

Although we’re still a little bitter these venomous young Swedes didn’t release “Smutsig” for over six months after finishing it, we have decided to forgive them after hearing this anthemic bad boy. The cut not only dishes out endearing synth lines for days, or even weeks, but also possesses a big room approach that could help this thunderous track garner some major attention.

While words like calm, relaxing, and chill may not have been what you signed up for when clicking a link that said “Looking for Bumps,” we can promise you that besides being all those things, this track is also bumpin,’ in its own unique way. Cross Them Out does his thing on an ethereal new remix, while providing listeners with a majestic, vocal induced tune for those late summer nights.

OWSLA has been doing big things these last few weeks. Not only did they unleash a charismatic EP from Jack Beats, but also busted out a new release from Dream, which featured this bass heavy switch up. “This Isn’t House” is a rambunctious tune that layers succulent vocal samples over destructive snare hits, and goes hard in the paint from start to finish.

What do “Spectrum,” “Sparks,” and “Years,” all have in common? If you guessed Mr. Matthew Koma, than that is exactly right. The exceedingly sought after musician has landed himself on three of 2012’s biggest cuts thus far, while becoming the newest guest vocalist everyone wants a piece of. Lines like “The sun hits like a bullet of faith, and then suddenly I’m wide awake” are perfect for those pumped up house bangers, so its out will “Calling (Lose My Mind),” and in with “Years.”

Example is the male equivalent of Ellie Goulding, in terms of their relationship with bass culture. Neither can bust out a single note without millions of producers snagging it up real quick, and placing their own set of instrumentations under it. Today we have two momentous remixes of Example’s most recent single, which both hit hard in their own way. TC brings the dub, while Hardwell & Dannic unleash the house.

Thank you for tuning in to the most recent edition of Looking for Bumps. Tell us what you thought about this week’s song, and let us know which artists brought it the hardest.

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