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Favorite ThisLooking for Bumps? (Volume 5)

Published: August 9, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Welcome to Looking for Bumps; a weekly series hosted by The Untz that will bring listeners more content, and do it consistently so you will always have a place to find fresh new tracks. The series will feature new songs and previews of forthcoming releases while encompassing genres all across bass culture, with the desire to provide something for everyone, all the time.

Starting off this week’s edition of Looking for Bumps is another utterly mind-blowing track from Alvin Risk. The consistently impressive producer provides listeners with a second remix of Fun.’s breakout hit “We Are Young,” since one just wasn’t enough, and packs it full of schizophrenic synth bursts and chopped up vocals.

Previews for this tantalizing anthem from teen sensation Madeon have been floating around for a few months now, so it was a big day for everyone when the tune finally received its official release. Captivating build-ups and undeniably catchy vocal progressions quickly set the tone, crafting another inescapable cut from boy wonder himself.

These two gigantic remixes from Dubba Jonny surfaced on Beatport a few months back, but were kept hush-hush till just recently. The first one takes on a punk rock banger from the Sex Pistols, while the second churns up a classic Bob Marley song; two very different switch ups from one jaw dropping producer.

Calling all drum & bass fanatics, this one is for you. Metrik unleashes a soul-gripping banger that will regale the ears of any listener, on a cut that contains out of this world vocals and a mesmerizing set of snare hits. Let the preview take you away, and prepare your self for the full release in late August.

Ellie Goulding’s tear jerking album Lights has been out for well over a year now, but it seems the radio and iTunes have only recently found out. In honor of their late arrival to the party, we deemed it necessary to present listeners with another heart stopping remix of the album’s title track, which features charismatic synth lines and a big room house approach.

501 is easily one of the most underrated, yet talented producers in today’s world of dubstep. His most recent remix is sure to stimulate the senses of anyone tuned in, which features live guitar, adrenaline spiking drops, and head rush inducing energy. The perfect song to drop on a rowdy crowd of bass heads who love them some dubbed out madness.

We recently did an “Artist Spotlight” on Swedish house producer Jakob Liedholm, so it comes as no surprise that his newest burst of creativity had us enamored from the start. The ubiquitous revamp slowly builds up and adds layers upon itself, before reaching its glorious apex at exactly three minutes.

There’s something inexplicably moving about the ethereal tunes Kill Paris pieces together, and this one is no different. Well-known vocal samples and cutting edge drum bursts solidify the foundation for this groundbreaking tune, and help create a fitting soundtrack for those hot summer days.

There are not enough producers in the world of electronic music who are able to the brew up a perfect balance between exceedingly heavy, and painstakingly melodic. Fortunately for us, this is exactly what MitiS does best. “Cut Throat” is a touching remix that will have listeners relaxing at time, while also feeling the urge to dance the night away during the drops.

Looking for Bumps is all about bringing followers something to get them going, but one of our most important goals is providing balance and diversity in every post. On that note, we present you with Neutralize. The up and coming European producer brings a heart-warming style of orchestral dubstep to the table, and creates symphonies, as oppose to songs.

Finishing off this week’s edition is a blissful banger from a rapidly progressing young gun, XAK, who will not let age stop him from busting out mind-blowing soundscapes. The Ashland, Oregon producer drops what might be his most well developed remix to date, which features immersive synth lines, serotonin heightening vocals, and a full throttle drop that will quickly capture your attention.

Thank you for tuning in to another round of Looking for Bumps. We love to receive feedback, so don’t be shy and let us know what you thought.

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