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Favorite ThisLooking for Bumps? (Volume 4)

Published: August 2, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Welcome to Looking for Bumps; a weekly series hosted by The Untz that will bring listeners more content, and do it consistently so you will always have a place to find fresh new tracks. The series will feature new songs and previews of forthcoming releases while encompassing genres all across bass culture, with the desire to provide something for everyone, all the time.

Starting off today’s edition of Looking for Bumps is a tumultuous banger from The Killabits, who take an already cutting edge Adventure Club song and add a slew of rowdy drum sections. The track is able to strike up a perfect balance between energetic and passionate, and the result is four minutes of non-stop gold.

Sugarpill’s ambitious style of melodic, hip-hop infused bass music is incredibly enticing to the ears—a streak he maintains on his most recent EP. Each song is filled to the brim with glitched-out madness, and topped off with catchy vocal samples from well-known artists to bring it all together.

Liquid drum & bass is one of those genres that has not been getting the attention it deserves as of late, but when done right the result is something undeniably fresh. This is apparent from Feint’s most recent release, which features touching vocal progressions and pulsating drum sections.

2012 has been a big year for young Swedish producers, as they look to fill the shoes of three house legends from the same country that have together stepped down from their throne. One of these rising stars goes by the moniker Tjernberg, and is known for unleashing thunderous anthems that contain dance worthy drops like his most recent bootleg.

This one goes out to all those Untz followers that like their “Step” with a little bit of “Chill” in front of it. Cross Them Out deliverers an emotive EP that will touch the soul of any listener with its tantalizing vocals, mesmerizing string sections, and an overall atmospheric aura. Our favorites so far are “Falling Deeper” and “From This Day, Until My Last,” but let us know what you think.

Monument recently unloaded a thunderous electro banger called “A Ticket To New Orleans,” and included on that release is a trapped-out cut that will have audiences going wild. Sweekuh takes on the already impressive track and slows it down by almost 40 BPM, and in the process creates a crunchy track that features charismatic drum sections and steezy synth lines.

Our last edition of Looking for Bumps featured a thunderous remix of Ellie Goulding’s most recent release from Svyable + PRFFTT, and today we have another revamp that takes the song in a completely different direction. MILLERTIME churns up the tune with buttery dub lines and melodic synth work, with the result being an emphatic track that will have listener’s unconsciously pressing replay before it even ends.

This one definitely stands out from everything else we have featured this week, but is an exciting change that highlights music from an artist that’s taking global bass to a whole new level. Indidginus unloads a thumpin’ hour-long mix that features some of his most emphatic tracks, and layers them in between booming remixes from Datsik, Caspa, and Liquid Stranger to create something immersive and unique.

It goes without saying that this song has been remixed, sampled, and covered at an astounding rate this last year, but when an artist is able to add something completely fresh to the song, we take notice. Alpha Data goes hard on another bass filled remix that contains dubbed out drops and a cinematic ending, so make sure you tune in till the very last second.

Finishing off today’s selection is an enthralling piece of music from Blackmill, who continues his streak of genuinely melodic tunes. “Friend” is an entrancing original track that features breathtaking piano chords and light drum hits; perfect for winding down to after a long day at work or school. Thanks again for tuning in to Looking for Bumps. Don’t forget to tell us what songs you were feeling the most, and be sure to cop all the free downloads, which are available on about half of the posts.

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