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Favorite ThisLondon Grammar - Strong (It's All Austin's Fault Bootleg) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: February 7, 2014
By: Jordan Calvano

Sometimes you just need a fresh start. That phrase means something different for each person, but for Austin Kane it meant reinventing the music he’d been making for the past few years. The young producer currently attending Icon Collective in Los Angeles ditched his old moniker and the entire genre of trance, leaving behind his past fixations to seek greener pastures. In essence, he wanted something new. With that very change came Austin’s Fault. It wasn’t the first time though, dating back to his high school days when he would experiment with mixing metal and electronic music before that was even a thing. From that to trance, and now this.
On the first track stemming from Austin’s Fault, we witness the Oregon grown musician remix “Strong” by London Grammar. Fitting to say the least. Taking on a song that describes the very manifestation of a change like this, destroying what he’d already built and returning to square one. The lyric “If a lion roars would you not listen” rings true to this, portraying the struggle of any unknown artist to be heard.
With this remix, we get a strong sense that he has finally found his niche. Flickering synthesizers, crashing snares and aptly placed 808’s enrapture the listener’s entire psyche, gently coming together under Hannah Reid’s empowering vocals and creating true immersion. It’s meant to be heard multiple times in row, eyes firmly sealed shut and with lights completely dimmed. Each time you pick up a fresh nuance, and each time you feel more connected with the track. Don’t be ashamed if you immediately become physically addicted; it’s all Austin’s Fault.